2017, let’s slow down shall we?

Here I lie, in my bed, at 8:16pm. Feeling defeated. As it turns out, I should’ve enforced my idealistic ‘use the breastfeeding pillow each and every time you nurse’ rule because this time round, after baby #3, it won’t kill your wrists (like it did with the boys), it’ll kill your NECK. Sounding familiar to anyone?

My neck. It’s broken. (Not really, it just feels it).

I do things. I’m a doer. I find it hard to not.do. My Apple Watch (thanks Vitality) will tell you I walk over 10 000 steps a day – some days up to 17 000. That’s a LOT. I carry kids, hold kids, throw them onto the bed to change their nappies, lift them on my back because the ”grass is wet” or the “berries are squishy” and they don’t have their shoes on. In and out of baths, up and down bunks, sleeping children, awake children, kicking children, giggling children. They’re in my arms a lot. And as it turns out, 3 has knocked me over onto the bench (otherwise known as the injury booth).

The height of the messy bun directly coincides with the seriousness of sleep deprivation, personal hygiene and couldnt-care-less-ness. I’d say it’s pretty high.

If these is what my kids look like, can you imagine how tired I am? 

And so with the help of the chiro, a neck brace, enforced attention to my posture, homeopathic goodies, neck spasm goodies, a cold pack, transact patches and hubby’s massages… I’m sloooowly on the mend. All this, constantly reminding me that we’re not immortal. Our bodies are human and weak and we can’t just keep on. This is a hard lesson for me to learn. But this lesson is timely in and of itself. Is this not the season for reflection, rest, peace and joy? Enjoy them, SLOW DOWN, and savour the days? Why YES, yes it is.

So 2017, here we are. Let’s take it slow, shall we?

Is Your Toothpaste Safe?

I bet you’ve never actually questioned it.

One more thing I had to rethink after I had kids was which toothpaste to buy them, and given the amazing number of options overseas, it was easy to make the best choice. Flouride or no fluoride? Cute organic brand, or cheap grocery store kind? Being a fresh greenie at the time, the choice was obvious.

Again, coming back to South Africa, I had to re-look at my options. Is it such a big deal which toothpaste you use? What is the big deal anyways? Have you ever really thought about it?

Well, turns out we DO have options, and they’re pretty straightforward.

This big deal around FLOURIDE?! Let’s dive into that a little more. According to Pure Beginnings, here’s why we consider it a big NO-NO.

Water flouridation and the use of fluoride in toothpaste has been questioned for years. The practice continues because proponents of its use argue that the doses are too low to effect us. The facts remain however that fluoride is a toxic chemical and various studies have linked its consumption to reproductive problems, lowered IQ, early puberty, abnormal thyroid function, arthritis, osteoporosis and even brain damage. Since children rarely spit all their toothpaste out (don’t we know it!) it is really important that they use a fluoride-free toothpaste to ensure they aren’t ingesting the toxic ingredient. Research reveals other ingredients, such as Xylitol, are safer, but equally effective, as fluoride in combating tooth decay. Pure Beginnings believes that using natural alternatives are a much better choice for your family.”

I agree one million percent. The safer alternative is out there and it is better for us. So what’s stopping us? My kids LOVE both the baby and kids flavours – berry (in the baby care range) and vanilla mint (in the kids range). In fact, they love it so much I have to hide it in between tooth-brushing sessions, or else they’d eat it all up.

Because these toothpastes still foam, you only need a little. Oh guys, I feel so safe and happy and confident using this product on my boys, and now our new little person. You can order some for yourself right here!