Here at CocoaFair we are not just passionate about crafting the best possible chocolate from bean to bar but also to drive sustainable social change in South Africa.

Our Claim: Africa’s first bean to bar chocolate manufacturer founded on the principles of social entrepreneurship

Being a social business does not mean we are a charity. It means we are a business first but we take full responsibility for how we make our money, the impact we have in our communities and the environment all along the supply chain.

We know we are not able to solve the complex social problems plaguing the world and our country but we are very aware of our opportunities to maximize our positive impact and minimize our negative impact.

As such we like to know where our cocoa beans come from and therefore buy directly from the producers. This not only enables us to ensure that the beans have been organically grown (not necessarily certified) but that the people involved in the cultivation and care of these products have not been exploited. As such Fair Trade is important for us, but it is equally important that we trade fairly across the entire supply chain.

All available products are UTZ certified, Halaal and Kosher

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