Better Earth

There are so many products out there that are made from cheap and harmful chemicals and even though they clean efficiently, they are harsh on the skin and bad for the environment. So much so that it is easy to feel guilty about using them.

Better Earth provides cleaning products that are gentle on the environment (and your hands) but also high quality cleaning agents. All of our products are as effective as other cleaning products but provide peace of mind to the eco-conscious user. There is so much to worry about in this world; at least what the chemicals in your household cleaners are doing to the earth is no longer one of them.

Why Better Earth?

  • Our products are free of sulphated surfactants, parabens, animal products, colourants and synthetic fragrances.
  • Our products are completely bio-degradable and perfect for grey water use.
  • Individual products were finalists in the Fairlady Consumer Awards in 2010 & 2011.
  • Our products are never tested on animals and we are endorsed by ‘Beauty Without Cruelty’ and ‘The Vegan Society’.
  • We support ethical farmers all the time and local farmers where-ever possible.
  • Manufactured locally with every effort made to reduce our carbon footprint.
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