Heartveld Sprouted Products

Heartveld Sprouted Goods is an organic range of sprouted and activated fare with phenomenal nutritional benefits. Two thousand years ago, humans were already sprouting and activating grains, nuts and pulses – and for good reason! These foods have built-in defence systems that make it hard for our bodies to tolerate them, even after soaking or cooking. On top of that, a range of anti-nutrients in these foods inhibit our ability to absorb their goodness. They even affect the foods we eat alongside them!

When we sprout or activate grains and pulses, we unlock their full nutritional value and neutralise most of the toxins, anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors that make these foods so hard to digest or tolerate. Ever heard of Essene Bread? Well, the Essenes of biblical times made this ultra-nutritious bread by first sprouting their wheat. The Aztecs used to soak their seeds and nuts in sea water to remove the toxins and anti-nutrients. Somewhere in-between then and now, we seem to have forgotten the what and why of it… At Urban Delicious, all of their Heartveld Products have been prepared using various methods of activation to ensure you get the full nutritional value out of this precious produce. All of their goods are organic, and whenever possible we source from South African farmers.

In a nutshell , sprouting and activating grains, pulses and nuts:
• increases the bioavailability of otherwise locked-in vitamins and minerals;
• greatly diminishes harmful enzymes and anti-nutrients;
• considerably enhances digestion;
• allows for the use of 100% of the produce (i.e. the vital wheat germ is not removed from our flour);
• converts hard-to-assimilate starches into simple, low GI vegetable sugars;
• can greatly improve tolerance for people with food allergies or sensitivities.

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