KURO-Bo Natural Water Filters

KURO-Bō offers a conscious consumer choice: an opportunity to invest in our health and the earth instead of passively piling on tonne after tonne of plastic and carbon emissions to the escalating eco-epidemic.

KURO-Bō is the ONLY scientifically-proven plastic-free water filter!
Every facet of its production and packaging is earth-conscious, sustainable and 100% recyclable – with even the ‘plastic bag’ made from compostable corn starch!

– Minimal carbon dioxide emissions are guaranteed
– Committed to the KURO-Bō philosophy of minimal environmental impact and plastic, and maximal community upliftment,
– KURO-Bō: has commissioned a family-run, eco-savvy glass factory in Swaziland to create 100% recycled, 100% unique hand-blown glass carafes.
– Offers hand-made 100% recycled glass 12.5L and 6L water dispensers.
– Offers hand-made and limited-edition Glass Gō-Ecō Water Bottles.

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