Umatie (Baby, Kids & Family Food)

We are two sisters  (Anna and Judi) with a passion for good food. We started cooking our tasty meals from a small cottage in 2012 and are now based in a small factory in Stellenbosch. Feel free to pop in and meet us… we are there every day! We still do everything how you would at home with no shortcuts – especially not the ingredients. In fact, we have perfected our meals to offer your baby or kiddie the best there is in terms of nutrition, texture and variety. We believe that weaning should be easy, your littlies should grow to love food right from the start. We also cater for the rest of the family with our convenient mix-and-match meals.

Hearty and delicious frozen meals for babies, kiddies and families.

We take great care in cooking our Umatie meals and we’re proud to say that our meals are not mass-produced. We cook our meals in small batches and freeze them to lock in all the goodness, with a guaranteed freshness for up to 12 weeks.

Our meals are GMO-free and we source our fresh produce from farmers who adhere to integrated farming or Global G.A.P. Our chicken is free range and the beef and lamb we use are from free-roaming animals not treated with any routine anti-biotics. We absolutely do not add any sugar or salt to our baby meals and certainly don’t add any preservatives or additives. We do add a teeny bit of pink salt and brown sugar to some of our kiddie meals to offer a well-rounded, scrumptious meal.

A little on Umatie’s sustainable packaging:

  • We wanted to upgrade our packaging to tubs that protect our foodies 100% when it leaves our kitchen. Our new tamperproof lids guarantee that WE close it and only YOU open it.
  • With the added bonus of a lid that seals, you can now travel with our tubs and keep leftover foodies safe and sound.
  • Our new packaging has the quality stamp of approval from industry leaders and is 100% foodsafe as well as 100% recyclable. Kind to our foodies, kind to nature.
  • We’re also reducing our carbon footprint by using a local, proudly South African company rather than importing. Local is lekker!
  • Our new foodie tubs have a high resistance to heat, so they’re perfectly safe to heat in the microwave.
  • They are also 100% freezer-safe to ensure our yummy meals stay perfect with a guaranteed freshness for up to 3 months.
  • You can pop the new tubs in the dishwasher and use them again and again (and again!).

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