Uganda Bugisu Mt Elgon AA – medium roast (800g)


This is an Italian-style espresso blend – full-bodied with a dense, syrupy mouthfeel, and distinct chocolate and hazelnut character. What makes it Italian in style? A beautiful, organic Nicaraguan robusta from the Sajonia Estate in the Datanlí-El Diablo Nature Reserve. Robusta brings body, reduced acidity and that classic pungent choc-malt flavour you’ll recognise in most traditional Italian espresso blends.

I fell in love with Italian coffee in my late teens when I was introduced to Segafredo and Lavazza. I prepared countless coffees in my little moka pot while playing all-nighters of Dungeons & Dragons! When the artisan coffee invasion happened, these coffees lost some of their cachet, but not their charm – not for me anyway. There was always something missing from my life without them.

So… I came up with my own version. It’s blended using better quality beans (speciality grade Indian, Colombian and Peruvian coffees), and it’s roasted the artisan way, meaning it is a true reflection of its places of origin. At its core, of course, you’ll find an Italian heart still beating: a rich, earthy, single estate, organic robusta from India. Robusta is a cousin of arabica. It is bold in body and low in acidity, and famous for its dense long-lasting crema. It also absolutely sings in milk- or cream-based espresso drinks. When used for espresso blending, I think of Robusta as the viola section in the orchestra: barely noticeable until they stop playing! Robusta brings a choc-malt accent to the blend with a classic whiff of roasted peanuts.

Two arabicas feature in the blend: Colombia Bucaramanga brings toasted hazelnuts and tons of body, and Peru Cajamarca brings bittersweet chocolate flavours and touch of acidity for freshness and balance on the palate.
This coffee will be great in your stove-top espresso maker (Bialetti), automatic bean-to-cup machines and of course ‘proper’ espresso machines.

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