Silverlab Liquid (bottle 500ml)



• Mouth infections, ulcers, colds and flu: 5 sprays hourly into mouth.

• Topical use en bedsores: Spray copiously onto affected areas as needed.

• Athlete’s foot: Spray feet at least twice per day. Spray into shoes daily after use. For best results, use concurrently with Silverlab Healing Cream.

• Disinfectant: Spray copiously onto surfaces as needed. (Test on small area first for discolouration).

COMPOSITION: Each 5 sprays of Liquid Spray contains 0.9ml Ionic+ Colloidal Silver 18ppm (D5) in deionised purified water.

INDICATIONS: Use Silverlab Ionic+ Colloidal Silver Liquid Spray to assist with the management of mouth infections, ulcers colds and flu. It can also be used topically in the management of bedsores and athlete’s foot and serves as a general disinfectant.

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