Trump & Timbal Yuletide Blend with collectable glass jar (350g)


Trump & Timbal gets its name from an old Christmas carol dating back to 1633!
There naught is heard but paradise bird, harp, dulcimer, lute,
with cymbal, trump and tymbal, and the tender, soothing flute!

And so, what could be more fitting in this season of good cheer than to blow our trumpet and bang our drum in anticipation of this year’s Yuletide Blend!  Specially designed to echo some of the distinctive aromas and flavours of this merry feast time, look out for spiced fruitcake, mulled wine and even frankincense! The blend brings together origins from Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda, including an ancient geisha varietal, which has been dried on the cherry, giving the blend its distinctive blueberry and mulled wine flavours.

Yuletide blend: infused with Christmas cheer and inspired by Christmas pudding, this is a blend of very distinctive, fruit-toned coffees from Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia. Sold only in December. Always ethically sourced.

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