My Dad’s Honey is an owner managed business that produces pure, raw honey from hives situated in the unique Cape Floral Kingdom. They have been operating for the past 27 years and employ a manager and four beekeepers.

“My Dad’s Honey” currently has in the region of 1200 active hives situated in the winter foraging apiaries in the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservatory which is part of the unique Cape Floral Kingdom. and in the winter-flowering eucalyptus plantations in the Helderberg Basin. As there is no commercial farming in the fynbos area, fynbos honey can be considered Organic, but is not certified as such. We are a Badger-friendly operation and do not supplementary feed or medicate our bees.

All honey produced by “My Dad’s Honey” is from our own hives and is classified as raw. RAW honey differs from the heat treated honey commonly found in large retail stores as it has not been exposed to high temperatures during processing, has not been filtered under pressure and has not been pasteurised. Our honey is extracted using no heat and is filtered under gravity only.

As a result, My Dads Honey contains all the natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important natural nutrients you will find in comb honey.

(Sourced from the internet and their Facebook page)

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