About Me

It’s good to meet you – I’m Debbie.

I’m known as mom to Clayden, Ryler & Brea, wife to Theran, daughter, sister and friend to many. Lucky me.

Daily, I am changing cloth nappies, ensuring there are 5 food groups and an array of colours on my families’ lunch and dinner plates, nursing my littlie, watering homegrown plants, listening to ‘African Treehouse’ in the car (over and over and ooooover), trying to get outside for a run, kissing owies, refereeing sibling squabbles and picking up Lego.

Our family is beautiful but real, flawed and hopeful.

Join me and my clan as we rethink how we live, and do our best to be better.

Disclaimer: I love sugar, luminous nail polish, candy floss and red wine. I run mainly because it allows me to eat delicious un-paleo foods. I desire to live in an apartment on the West End in NYC at the same time as on Galiano Island, Canada growing my own food and naming our pet bunnies. I am very much on a journey in becoming greener and am certainly not getting this right most of the time.

Come journey with me wont ya?

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    3 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Hi Debbie. I’m so thrilled to have stumbled on your blog. It’s beautiful and so much of what you write resonates. Just read your zero waste 101 post and picked up a few great tips, so thank you.

      (Also, just today an expat site published a post I’d written about giving birth overseas and how getting a doula both times was the best thing we did! )

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