Our meat comes from four places: Ryan Boon Butchery (Paarl), The Meat Bloc (Eastern Cape), The Meat Room (Gay’s Guernsey Dairy)and Canton Gardens (a farm in the Eastern Cape).

Canton Gardens produces primarily pork products. We do purchase beef biltong and droe wors from them too. We also buy half and full free-range lambs from them.

Ryan Boon is a speciality butcher based in the Boland of the Western Cape. Quality is the name of the game here. Primarily supplier the restaurant industry, they were quick to see the emerging preference in their restaurant customers for pasture-reared, sustainably sourced meat and helped Ryan establish their butchery as the go-to supplier for the best cuts in the game.

Ryan Boon’s biltong and dry wors has become a sought-after prepared food for a long list of traders in the region. He is also well known to local hunters for breaking down their bounty and producing choice cuts and biltong for them.

There are two other defining things that have put the Boon butchery on the map. Firstly, a sound belief in sourcing responsibly farmed, pasture-reared meats, and secondly, sourcing cuts of meat that are usually hard to come by. Besides beef, pork and lamb, the butchery sources venison from the Karoo, quails from Wellington, as well as a number of offal products such as brains, liver, kidneys, sweetbreads and more.

Please note: If you order any kind of meat through the GFC, you do so at your own risk. The GFC is not a retailer; we are a buying club of people who are buying meat directly from farmers. If you have questions about how meat is handled and prepared, please ask your questions, and we will get that information from the suppliers.