The Farmers Dairy Milk

Cairnbrogie is a family-run farm which was established in 1973. The dairy farm was started in 1985 which has grown from a small herd of 40 cows to more than 500 over 30 years. Andrew Hill and his family have lived on the farm for the past 16 years and have put much time and energy into this beautiful piece of land and developed the farm into a multi-facited business.

The cows live in, and graze on, vast lush pastures. They are 80% grass-fed on a variety of grasses ensuring the production of high quality milk.

Cairnbrogie and The Farmers Dairy bottles milk on the farm using a cold purification process instead of heated pasteurization.


Cold purification replaces heat pasteurization with a simple ultra violet technology which effectively cold purifies milk.
It deactivates, bacteria and other unhealthy micro organisms in milk.

It is a non-thermal process where there is no destruction of the enzymes and proteins in the milk resulting in a healthier product which releases natural vitamin D, calcium, enzymes and protein.

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