Milkwood Yoghurt & Raw Milk

Milkwood Dairy Farm is situated near George in the garden route, beneath the Outeniqua mountains.

“At Milkwood we strive towards a more sustainable, biological farming system, doing our best to work with nature and not against it. We feed soil life, balance soil minerals and utilize minimum tillage when establishing pastures.

Our herd of much loved Holstein Frieslands graze a staple diet of ryegrass, clover, Lucerne and kikuyu pasture all year round.

The herd is unique in that all cows bloodlines can be traced back to the original 17 cows when the herd was established in 1957, and no female animals have been bought into the herd ever since. To this day every cow on the farm has its own name, not a number as it normally the case.

The high quality milk they produce is wholesome, nutritious and guaranteed rBST hormone free.”

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