Mother City Fish

We were lucky enough to have crossed paths with a fisherman with a passion for sustainability (high on our list of priorities) who mostly exports his beautiful fish and has given us an opportunity to bring it straight to your homes.

The fish we supply is all line caught and the fishery is absolutely committed to sustainable fishing practices. They don’t trawl at all (even though they have rights to), because they want to limit the by-catch. We were so impressed during the walk-through of the fishery and with the owner’s commitment to doing things properly. We felt that it was completely in line with our organic/grass-fed/wild caught/pasture-raised values (like most people who belong to the GFCs!).

Customers are going to be blown away by the quality, as most of this quality fish doesn’t make it onto South African supermarkets shelves.

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PLEASE NOTE: Fish is subject to availability according to what is caught in the week of our Collection Day.