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The greens available here (mixed greens, herbs, beets, juicing pack – everything except the fresh and frozen berries) comes from an awesome new, organic urban-farm in Noordhoek called Metro Organics, run by a friend of mine, Stacey Clack and her mom Gill.

Stacey has always had a passion for farming and ‘greening’ and so I’m thrilled to be able to support her and her family, as well as their dream to live out what they love. Their greens are 100% organic – and if you want, you can even go visit the farm and see where your food comes from. They harvest on Thursdays and the produce is delivered on Good Food Club Fridays – fresh as fresh!

A little more about them:

Situated on Sleepy Hollow Farm, this 2400m2 organic farm is run by the Clack family who are passionate about growing both the organic consciousness and organic veggies. They started this business in November 2016 with the intention to make a living doing what they love. They have a vision to grow the awareness, demand and supply of organic vegetables in the Southern Peninsula by networking with like-minded growers in neighbouring communities, by activating more local, unutilised open land/gardens for growing organic veg and thereby benefitting local communities.

Metro Organics currently provides fresh produce to local restaurants, retail outlets and direct to individual local clients. As the business grows they hope to add more local employees to their current team. For more information about the team and more, have a look at their facebook page:

Our fresh and frozen blueberries are sourced from Appleberry: “Our blueberries are grown in the heart of Elgin on The Valley, aptly named since the farm is in a valley. This area provides ideal growing conditions for apples and now berries. The name Appleberry was what my husband called his granny! It is only fitting that a farm that grows apple and now berries is named after granny. We hope you enjoy this amazing berry.”

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