Menstrual Cups

I LOVE menstrual cups! They are literally life changing. If you’re not put off by blood and stuff, this is for you! Read the blog post I wrote about it here.

I met with Glenda, the owner of M-power Cup she is lovely. The M-Power Cup is local, pays its workers well and has a heart to see the less fortunate have access to menstrual cups. Menstrual cups are a lot better for the environment than tampons and pads, and M-Power ensures that all its packaging is recyclable. The cups last 5 years or more if treated well. They are very easy to use, affordable and so much safer than tampons/pads.

Guys, honestly – this is one of my all time fave green products.

They are available in small and regular.

Small: Recommended for women under the age of 30 who have never delivered vaginally or by caesarean section.

Regular: Recommended for women age 30 and over and/or for women who have delivered vaginally or by caesarean section.

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