Sourdough Waffles (4 pack)


Ingredient: Stoneground Cake flour, full cream milk, sourdough yeast culture, free range eggs, butter, sea salt (un iodated), vanilla flavour essence, bicarb
What makes these waffles different is that the batter is made the night before, using sourdough starter and bicarb of soda to produce light and fluffy waffles.
The also contain free range eggs, full cream milk and lots of butter so they are gooood. With only 24g of sugar in a batch of 4 waffles they’re also good, and can be even more good when topped with fruit and things (or Nutella 🙂 everyone needs a treat.)
Can be toasted straight from frozen to make them lovely and warm and crispy again.
STORING NOTE: store in the fridge, keep well wrapped and use within 3 days as product contains egg, milk and butter. Recommended to freeze.
HEATING NOTE: Preheat oven to 180°C. Defrost completely or cook from frozen, about 5 to 8 minutes. Well suited for the toaster, and can be toasted from frozen.
* FREEZER NOTE: Freeze on the day of purchase. Can be toasted from frozen.

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