Sourdough – Wholewheat


Authentic sourdough loaves: White and Wholewheat

This white sourdough loaf is the traditional sourdough recipe.
Using only water, flour and salt to make a loaf of bread using hand rolling and hand kneading methods dates back to ancient Egyptian times where bread was simple and nourishing.

Sourdough is old school. It takes from 1 to 3 hours to hand knead in intervals, and then a 4 to 8 hour proofing time. It is then cold fermented overnight to develop even more flavour and those characteristic bubbles found in the crumb. it takes up to 2 days to make the yeast – the starter/levain/sourdough yeast culture, this is what is added to give the dough its rise and also flavour. The sourdough process is where the flour is broken down into a more digestible forms for your body to digest, this means the process does take longer but the result is a healthier, lower gluten load bread which is easier on the gut to digest and with no other added ingredients.
Just stoneground non-GMO flour, spring water and uniodated sea salt. Simple.

If you’re going to have some bread, make it a good for you bread, like a slice of sourdough.

Ingredients: Stoneground white bread flour and/or Stoneground wholewheat bread flour, spring water, sourdough yeast culture, sea salt (un iodated), rice flour (dusting on top).

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