Because you can’t push pause

So today, my eldest finished Playschool. And this is only Playschool number 1, as in, his first, before his next. We’re not even heading to Gr R or Primary School yet. And oh man, it was emo.

I’ve LOVED this school. Like a heart and soul gushy love.  It genuinely seemed like yesterday we’d paid the deposit from Canada and were so stoked our eldest was booked into this epic, rustic farm-school for the upcoming 2 years. 2 YEARS! That’s an eternity. Considering the kid was only 2.5 when he started it was pretty much the next half of his life I had planned. I remember the first day – so clearly – thinking to myself ‘we’re sorted. For the next TWO WHOLE YEARS. I don’t need to think about anything school-ish for a looooong time’. And here we are.




THE BIGGEST, most irritating cliche of alllllll time, is how fast time flies. But it’s sooooooo truuuuue. Time is a total conundrum. I can’t even remember being pregnant, and I was pregnant 11 weeks ago. It baffles us, confuses us, shocks us and freaks us the heck out.

Because my son is turning 5, and heading to a bigger Playschool next year and WHEN WAS HE EVEN BORN? I can barely tell you that.

Sure, my memory is way below average, and so I don’t have that in my favour, but I just can’t wrap my head around it. How do I slow down and embrace this all? Because I swear, next minute, our daughter will be an angel in that nativity play and the disbelief will be real.

Often when it’s inappropriate to be on your phone at the dinner table or out with friends or when your kid is painting the walls behind you, that old quote by Jim Elliot comes to mind. “Wherever you are, be all there”. This is one of the few things I can hold onto when these days FLY past.

Jim Elliot

Wherever you are (esp. with your kids), be all there. Put down the phone, talk in the car, build his Lego, paint her nails, walk slower, bake, dance, read, engage, interact, absorb, embrace, feel the feelings, hum the tunes, create the rhythms, start the traditions, write down the memories. Live IN that space. Because it’s moving. The sun will rise and the sun will set. And you can choose how to invest yourself while it’s up.

(Cue the tears… and the wine).

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