India Superior Grande ROBUSTA – dark-medium roast (800g)


Bold, dark-medium roast with tons of body, rich caramel flavours, as well as toasted nuts and chocolate.

For those of you who remember the time before the flood, Colombia Bucaramanga was my go-to cultist-preferred dark roast coffee and the base for my espresso blend. Then the coffee vanished somewhere between Colombia and Burmuda… Its whereabouts have been elusive ever since. Well, until now. Bucaramanga is back! And has been spotted in beautiful hermetically sealed jute bags in Trump & Timbal’s coffee cellar. I am so happy this marvellous coffee is back and I’m hoping (praying!) it will stay that way.

This washed arabica hails from the Bucaramanga region of Colombia. This is a region favoured by espresso roasters, as the coffees grow here tend to have a more robust body and reduced acidity – making them ideal for short shots or in milk-based coffees. This coffee is roasted to Full City+ or dark-medium. It has tons of body, and distinctive caramel-brittle, toasted hazelnut and bitter-sweet chocolate notes.

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