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Going Green with CatBoy, Gekko & EcoPack

This past month we had my sons’ birthday party. PJ Masks, of course. One Gekko, the other Catboy. As you do. And while I won’t bore with the details of all we did and all the fun we had, I tried my best (yet again) to make it as eco-friendly as possible.

And here’s how:

  1. We used foldable cardboard carry bags for the party packs. I got them from Wrap n Pack for R4 each. They looked cool (colour theme appropriate) and are easily recyclable.
  2. We made blue, green and red jelly in PLA containers for the kids. (A sleeve of 50 x 60ml PLA Containers: R28.50)
  3. We used porcelain cups for hot bevvies (even though we had EcoCups on hand). EcoCups 50 x 250ml Single Wall EcoCups: R58.70
  4. Compostable cutlery (100 x Compostable Teaspoons: R57.00)
  5. PLA bags with compostable spoons for sherbet for the kids. (100 x Tiny PLA Bags: R33.05)
  6. Bagasse plates for the adult snacks. (125 x 18cm Bagasse Plates: R109.70)

In case you have never heard of PLA, compostable cutlery or bagasse – I’ll break it down for you (ha ha – get it? Laaaame joke).

PLA: EcoPack’s PLA containers are manufactured from IngeoTM PLA, a polymer made from renewable plant starch resources, not oil. IngeoTM PLA requires 68% fewer fossil fuels resources to produce than traditional plastic. (In other words, PLA is biodegradable corn starch).

Compostable Cutlery: EcoPack’s disposable cutlery provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic food service utensils. Made from annually-renewable resources (PLA – polylactic acid), the EcoPack range of cutlery reduces your environmental impact, while providing all the functionality of traditional disposable plastic cutlery.

Bagasse: This chlorine-free range of disposable tableware is made from sugarcane pulp, and is a by-product of the sugar industry. EcoWare offers outstanding flexibility, and is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

All of these products can be purchased from EcoPack – an awesome company which provides a wide range of compostable and biodegradable food packaging. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and online here.