Healthy skincare resolutions we all should make

Thanks to Peta at The Little Green Box, we have some really practical and simple skincare advice for the new year.

Get your beauty sleep – aim for 7-8 hours at least. After all it is called “beauty sleep” for a reason.

Don’t forget about your neck – the neck is often forgotten when applying moisturisers and can show a significant amount of aging. So don’t stop your skincare routine at the chin.

Commit to wearing sunblock everyday – it’s never too late (or too early) to commit to protecting your skin every day. Choose a sunblock that contains UVA and UVB protection in a lightweight formula. Try Kalahari a SPF 40 (R240/60ml) OR our Natural Lab SPF 30 (R180/50ml) (available at The Little Green Box).

Another sunscreen range I love is the oh-lief Sunscreen range. Read more about happy honest sunscreen here.

Schedule a facial – It’s best to get a facial every month or two for best results, but if that’s not possible, aim for at least one with the change of each season. You skin renews itself every 28 days and thus needs the care monthly. If you are on a budget try an Express facial rather than skipping your facial.

Why not swap out that one brunch, or one extra item of clothing a month and use that money to pamper your skin? 

Don’t pick blemishes – picking leads to inflammation and scarring. Let Mother Nature do her job and heal it.

Assess the products you are using – toss products that are older than two years or products that have changed colour and consistency. Aim to use products that are free of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colourants, alcohol, sodium laureth sulphate and PEGS. All these ingredients are dangerous to long term health.

YES YES YES!!!! And drink lots of water.

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