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My latest Little Green Box treat!

It’s been a while since I posted about a beauty review – and whoa, do I have a cracker for you! Recently I went to my fave little eco salon (The Little Green Box), which, if you’re concerned about chemicals on your skin at any beauty therapist – you don’t need to worry here! I was treated to the NEW Esse Age Defying Facial. Yes. Please.

If you haven’t read previous experiences that I’ve had with Peta, you can do so here and here (she is so very wonderful, and sooooo much in line with how I think and what I love). She is an Esse expert and beams organic, wholesome, holistic and non-judgemental light as soon as you walk into her space. She also told me I had little live friendly pac-man type creatures crawling all over my skin during the exfoliation… intrigued? Read on…

EVERY TIME I have a facial I think I need more facials because they are so goooood for my skin.

Here is a little about the facial itself: 

Esse products are (in my opinion) some of the best natural products out there. Formulated under incredible minds, these products are creme de la creme.

Esse is USP certified organic, they use natural and organic ingredients as well as live probiotics, and is considered a cosmeceutical (because of the delivery system and how the ingredients penetrate the cellular membrane). No nonsense here guys…

Probiotics are for the skin, like water is for a thirsty soul! They protect, hydrate, improve barrier function, skin firmness, slow the rate of aging and detoxify. Esse’s philosophy includes providing skincare that is ethical and sustainable. They care about being carbon neutral, committed to the Fairtrade movement and are Phytrotrade Africa accredited which monitors plant diversity. Esse are also cruelty free, and vegan.


Have you heard of the Human Microbiome Project? Basically it will challenge everything you thought about healthy bacteria and (extreme) cleanliness, and how desperately our skin microbiome needs attention.

In 2013, the Human Microbiome Project concluded that “microbes contribute more genes essential for human survival than humans do”.

What is the Microbiome?

The Microbiome is the sum total of all the microbes in and on your body.

What is a Microbe? 

A Microbe is a single celled organism.

What is a Probiotic?

Probiotics are beneficial microbes.

What is a Prebiotic?

Prebiotics are food sources for beneficial microbes. By giving them food, they proliferate and thrive thereby excluding the pathogenic (harmful) ones.

Microbes are essential for health. Esse treats the skin as an ecosystem, and every ingredient is carefully considered for its impact on the microbiome. Back in 2015, Esse launched their revolutionary Probiotic Serum. This serum contains 3 species of lactobacillus microbes. These probiotics are only activated on contact with water on the skin. They then seed the skin with billions of live probiotics which help to rectify imbalances in the skin as well as repair barrier function for a firmer, fuller and more radiant skin.

Sooooooo, back to where my experience came in… Peta gave me Esse’s Age Defy Facial (because I’m no spring chicken anymore guys, and well, my cross-face lines, they’re sinking in deep…).

The Age Defy Facial by Esse Organic Skincare:

  • It enhances preservation from probiotic and botanical actives, restores the skins vitality and promotes collagen and elastic formation (so, you see, those cross-lines are a goner).
  • It also boasts an advances skin smoothing mask with muscle relaxing properties.

A few things to note from the facial:

The Beta Hydroxy Exfoliation:

  • This is a light peel for getting skin back on track
  • Gently dissolves (Peta described this as little pac-man friends eating away at my old, dead skin and) the ‘cement’ that binds skin together.
  • It is very gentle. Not a ‘scrub-type’ exfoliation.

The Intensity Mask: 

  • This is a skin smoothing mask contains Marfane Extract – this is the crucial main ingredient. Considered as a natural alternative to botox (YES please!), it has a strong relaxing effect on muscles and takes 2hrs to activate.
  • It also gives an intense moisture boost.

We took before and after photos (but my phone died a slow and painful (for me) death and had to be wiped clean, l so I can’t show you the final result) but I dared to go out to do the school run with my naked face and felt amazing. It was soft and plump and healthy-looking. I will absolutely be back for another treatment!

I am constantly amazed at the current and on-going advancements in technology when it comes to organic skincare and how THIS is where significant discoveries are being made (such as the importance of our microbiome, keeping the skin of the pH accurate and feeding it, as opposed to scrubbing, smothering and simply ‘cleaning’ it).

Peta is a wealth of knowledge, (she clearly LOVES this stuff) and I’d highly encourage you contact her if you have ANY questions about any skin concerns. She has numerous facial options for those wanting age-defying, or a hydrating, or a intense facial treatment.

The Little Green Box has become such an obvious spot to stop for any skincare need, as well as for gifts and gift vouchers (ask my friends). Besides all this, vote with your money. Support small, ethical, local business. Always (okay, or as much as you can…)

Check out the full The Little Green Box Price List and don’t forget that Gift Vouchers and Spa Packages are also available. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and more info.

Contact Details:

41 Meadow Way, Constantia Meadows.

Tel: 074 816 7794 (or whatsapp)
Email: littlegreenboxskincare@gmail.com
Web: www.greenboxskincare.co.za

The Little Green Box – Eco Skincare 

Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 16:00
Saturday: 08:30 – 13:00
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

My Pregnancy Pamper!

I hope you have read this post about my amazing experience last year at Peta’s The Little Green Box. Well, lucky me, it was pamper time again!

I have Peta to thank for the wealth of information I have on Esse Skincare, and the encouragement of my now-regular (previously never-so-regular) skincare routine. I’ve LOVED using Esse on my face and have genuinely noticed an incredible difference. Peta is a whats app away from any questions/concerns I might have, which I love.


Well, Peta recently invited me back to her Little Green Box for a Spa Solutions treatment, a new range she is stocking which she is really excited about and which compliments Esse wonderfully. There were a couple emails going backwards and forwards about the safety of the products in pregnancy (which, let’s be honest, it’s an eco-salon, I was in the best hands), and Peta went the extra mile doing her research and offering me different options depending on my level of comfort. I arrived at my appointment excited and confident – this coming from the green-preggo who has not ONCE painted her nails since seeing the two pink lines on the pregnancy test – even with natural nailpolish (!)

So, back to my Spa Solutions treatment. Spa Solutions is a proudly South African skincare brand using 70% organic and 97% natural ingredients. It is a new generation range of products based on active botanicals, vitamins, peptides and stem cells. It (obviously) contains no parabens, petrochemicals (mineral oil), synthetic colourants, fragrances, lanolin or any know skin irritants. It is also cruelty free and non comedogenic (which basically means it doesn’t cause blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin).

spa solutions 2 - Copy

I had the Antioxidant Repair Facial (R390/60min). Oh, WOW. It was in-credible. The facial included a cleanse containing Vit A, C & E, a tone with strong anti-inflamatory properties, an exfoliating enzyme containing Papain and Papaya (which loosens and removes dead skin cells) and the massage. Oh the massage. I then had an anti-oxidant repair mask applied (packed with free radicals, Co-Q10 to repair cellular damage, it is hydrating, cell energising, with an anti-inflammatory effect).

spa solutions 1

THEN (I know, it goes on…) a French Pinotage Peel Off Mask (extra R90 per treatment). This is a combination of marine algae and Grape March. Grape March is high in tannins which have a regulating effect on collagen fibres therefore helping to restructure the skin. It is firming and lifting, anti aging, brightening and it also aids the penetration of the cream mask. And of course while this was settling on my skin, Peta gave me a gentle foot massage. Oh yes. More massage!

She finished off with an Intensive Night Repair Moisturiser. And I went off on my merry way with incredibly hydrated and happy skin.

Little Green Box 1 - Copy

I love my mornings with Peta, because we can chat away and I can ask seemingly stupid questions, like… “What is a Peel“. Peta explained to me the benefit of the new Spa Solutions Peel she was offering, and how excited she was about it.

“I chose the Spa Solutions light peel because I was looking for a light natural peel that would compliment Esse Organic Skincare. I don’t believe in over exfoliating the skin but in helping to maintain a youthful appearance by reducing inflammation and ensuring good overall skin health.

The 15% light peel is a synergist blend of a few different AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). This means that each of the AHA’s enhances and boosts the other making the peel more powerful and effective.” Peta.

If you’ve ever been interested in a peel, but have been a little ignorant or nervous about it (like I have), this is for you. It’s an amazing combination of an effective exfoliation, (something more serious than what you can do at home) but never coming close to the intensity of some salons which can leave your skin damaged and raw.

Here is a little more info on the Spa Solutions 15% AHA Light Peel (R400/45min) which Peta offers:

– it is a light natural peel,
– it contains natural AHA’s such as Lactic Acid, Citric, Malic, Gluconic and Glycolic,

– the natural AHA’s are not chemically stabilised or preserved, and are shown to be more skin friendly, more easily tolerated and offer more therapeutic benefits without side effects.

Benefits include:
– anti-aging effect by increasing cell turnover,
– anti inflammatory and healing,
– anti pigmentation and brightening,
– improves overall skin texture,

– improves penetration of home care products.

This light peel can either be done as a stand alone treatment or in a course of 6 every 2 weeks. Please chat to Peta about what you think might be best for you!

Little Green Box Salon

I am NEVER disappointed after a visit to The Little Green Box. I’m always left inspired by who Peta is, what she does and her conviction to doing things differently. Aaaaaand I LOVE that she threads my eyebrows, quickly and relatively painlessly and I feel like a million bucks after. I’ve come to think that keeping ones eyebrows neat is suuuuch a drag and yet can take 1 min if you get a professional to do it, and can make you feel like a different person.

Check out the full The Little Green Box Price List and don’t forget that Gift Vouchers and Spa Packages are also available. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and more info.

Contact Details:

41 Meadow Way, Constantia Meadows

Tel: 074 816 7794 (or whatsapp)
Email: littlegreenboxskincare@gmail.com
Web: www.greenboxskincare.co.za

The Little Green Box – Eco Skincare 

Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 17:00
Saturday: 008:00 – 14:00
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Healthy skincare resolutions we all should make

Thanks to Peta at The Little Green Box, we have some really practical and simple skincare advice for the new year.

Get your beauty sleep – aim for 7-8 hours at least. After all it is called “beauty sleep” for a reason.

Don’t forget about your neck – the neck is often forgotten when applying moisturisers and can show a significant amount of aging. So don’t stop your skincare routine at the chin.

Commit to wearing sunblock everyday – it’s never too late (or too early) to commit to protecting your skin every day. Choose a sunblock that contains UVA and UVB protection in a lightweight formula. Try Kalahari a SPF 40 (R240/60ml) OR our Natural Lab SPF 30 (R180/50ml) (available at The Little Green Box).

Another sunscreen range I love is the oh-lief Sunscreen range. Read more about happy honest sunscreen here.

Schedule a facial – It’s best to get a facial every month or two for best results, but if that’s not possible, aim for at least one with the change of each season. You skin renews itself every 28 days and thus needs the care monthly. If you are on a budget try an Express facial rather than skipping your facial.

Why not swap out that one brunch, or one extra item of clothing a month and use that money to pamper your skin? 

Don’t pick blemishes – picking leads to inflammation and scarring. Let Mother Nature do her job and heal it.

Assess the products you are using – toss products that are older than two years or products that have changed colour and consistency. Aim to use products that are free of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colourants, alcohol, sodium laureth sulphate and PEGS. All these ingredients are dangerous to long term health.

YES YES YES!!!! And drink lots of water.

Keen to sign up for more green and honest advice? Please email Peta at  to be added to her mailing list.

Picture credit: www.onefinedae.com

Your Local Eco Salon – The Little Green Box

Christmas came early for me this year. I never knew that right around the corner from where I live (about 5km’s – no jokes) there is a beauty and skincare therapist called Peta who, after being involved in the industry for over 10 years, started asking questions about how she could move towards a more eco-friendly way of treating her clients.

Amazing right? Think about it: a professional in the industry, with a heart to treat her clients with honest and natural products – promoting health, contemplating her environmental impact, and supporting local brands – all the while PAMPERING YOU. Now come on. I might need to outsource this blog writing to her because she is on the money. I’m full-on inspired.

Peta invited me to her Little Green Box, a bespoke eco-friendly skincare clinic that offers professional treatments using organic products. Her salon sits cozily on her property in quiet Constantia Meadows, Cape Town.

Little Green Box Salon Mirror

Not only did she treat me to an Esse Anti-Aging Facial, but I was able to relax, be pampered (and my lucky face and neck were cleansed, exfoliated, loved on and and and for an HOUR), and I was able to chat with her about her story.

After working in the salon industry for many years, she came to the realization that the traditional skincare products she was using on her clients every day had many dangerous chemicals in them. She found that this affected both ones skin health and general overall health, and not only was she using these products on her clients but as a therapist she was being exposed to them every day. After the birth of her daughter she decided to launch her own salon, and in doing so she made a huge (and pretty brave) change – she went green.

And here’s how she did it… (are you ready for this?)

The Little Green Box – Eco Skincare uses LED lighting, flow restrictions on the basin and shower, dual flush toilets and even eco-friendly laminate flooring. She installed a solar geyser and tries to keep as much plastic out of the clinic as possible. All of the packaging of the products that she stocks is recyclable(!). Her and her husband have a well-point for their garden to offset the water that she uses in the clinic, and she takes great pride in being eco-friendly by supporting South African brands like Esse (a brand for which she is the Western Cape Trainer). The wax she uses is also eco-friendly and contains no petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or animal by-products and is cruelty free.

“I love knowing that the products that I am using on my clients are amazing, clean, green, results-driven-products that really work. I believe in ethical and sustainable skincare as well as having a holistic approach to skincare and ageing”.

Are you as completely flawed with inspiration as I am? Her salon is beautiful, fresh and inviting. I’m a green-ish person (hence the blog name). I love playing around with making things, going homemade, growing food, rethinking how we do things and supporting local, but this is another level. Peta has dedicated her day-to-day work (read: livelihood) and has courageously committed herself (and her earning potential) to this cause.

I’ll also tell you what she’s not: she is not a green-freak who will look down on you if you don’t encapsulate your own placenta, or water your garden any other time besides between the hours of 2am-4am (exaggeration added). She is remarkably down to earth for someone who has taken such a bold move. She is warm and open, easy to talk to and really approachable. Her clients are a mix between those who moved along with her (and have embraced and found real benefit from the eco-style) and those who are thinking about what she is doing and appreciate her eco-efforts.

Little Green Box Salon

Peta is a huge fan of Esse. I’ve recently come to know this brand quite well and hearing Peta talk about it made me that much more excited. Peta, being a trainer for the product, knows what shes talking about, and you know your face is in good hands (ha ha – get it?).

Prior to the facial, she took some gizmo and checked the hydration levels on different parts of my face. After thinking my skin was quite dry, she reassured me that my levels weren’t too bad (especially around my eyes). About 5 minutes later the penny dropped (I was obliviously way too relaxed) and remembered I had been using Esse’s Eye Contour Cream around my eyes. I kid you not. Even I was amazed.

So let’s get back to the facial. It was the Esse Anti-Aging Facial R370 (60min)

She started with the Esse Triple Cleanse which included Eye-make up Remover R170 (100ml), Cream Cleanser R300 (200ml), Gel Cleanser R280 (200ml).

After the cleanse, she did a gentle exfoliation with the Enzyme Exfoliator for 10 mins under steam for a brighter, clearer complexion and to remove dead skin cells. I then sunk deep into the bed as she continued with a facial massage with the Facial Massage Cream. She then massaged my feet (I LOVE foot massages) for 15 mins while the Eye Mask and Omega Mask did their thing. The Omega Mask is an intensive treatment mask formulated to feed the skin as well as sooth, relax and calm. And calm I was.

Peta also offered to tame my eyebrows with some threading. I was really appreciative of the offer (plucking is such a shlep) but initially hesitant as my previous experience with threading had not been all that great. I used to pop down to 4th Ave in Vancouver and some tiny little lady would have a good go at my eyebrows and exactly 17 seconds later, I’d be $9 poorer with blood spots framing my newly shaped brows. She gently encouraged me and I obliged – and I’m SO glad I did. For the first time I had no blood spots and very little redness. I’ll be back. For sure.

She wrapped up my facial with a spritz with Toner Plus R370 (100ml), she applied Serum to my entire face R295 (20ml), Eye and Lip Cream to the eye area R285 (20ml) and finally the Omega Deep Moisturiser R430 (5x10ml pots). AMAAA-ZING. This was my jumping into the Esse world, and she’s given me tips on how to continue with a healthy skincare regime (which I’m happy to report I’ve kept up and am loving!)

Little Green Box Salon Esse

My hydration levels were checked again after the facial and it was obvious to tell that Peta and Esse make a winning combination. My levels were optimal and my skin felt incredible. Full stop.

Other Treatments and Products on offer include:

•  Esse Organic Skincare (certified organic by ECOCERT)
•  Bt-micro and Bt-analyze
•  Kalahari Ancient Desert Secrets
•  Hello Nature Organic wax (certified organic by ECOCERT)
•  Manual Lymphatic Drainage
•  Threading
•  SpaRitual Vegan Nail Laquers

The Little Green Box Salon

You can purchase any of the Esse products above from The Little Green Box. Chat to Peta about what she thinks will be best for you skin – she’s a wealth of info!

Check out the full The Little Green Box Pricelist and don’t forget that Gift Vouchers and Spa Packages are also available. With Christmas coming up – this is a great Christmas present idea. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and more info.

Contact Details:
41 Meadow Way, Constantia Meadows
Tel: 074 816 7794 (or whatsapp)
Email: littlegreenboxskincare@gmail.com
Web: www.greenboxskincare.co.za

The Little Green Box – Eco Skincare 

Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 17:00
Saturday: 008:00 – 14:00
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays