Be inspired at Cape Town’s Oranjezicht Famers Market

This world of green, organic, natural goodness is inspiring. And closer than you think – it’s in Zille’s back garden!

Having recently moved back to South Africa after numerous years abroad, I’m still getting into my groove with the ‘what’s on’ calendar of Cape Town. And so a fair few weeks back, I grabbed my tribe and we hit the Oranjezicht City Organic Farmers Market at Premier Helen Zille’s residence. Truth be told I was more excited about seeing Zille wave to us from out her bedroom window than I was about the market itself (and this was our last shot – after this particular week the market was to move to Granger Bay for the winter), but she was quickly forgotten about once we arrived.

The rolling hills of fresh green lawn, a backdrop of our spectacular mountain, and water features most likely pulled off the set of Downton Abbey take your breath away. Then, you notice you’re walking to the sound of music, and you’re taken by the smell of good (as opposed to bad) coffee, fresh farm food and all around you are people of every kind… your¬†early morning farmers-market types, (some with their soil covered hands, dogs by their sides and carrying well-worn produce baskets) to the German tourist, the local Cape Townian dressed in her Hunters boots and the young family on a Saturday morning outing – just lapping up the local flavour. The experience is literally a feast for all your senses.

You can find everything from bonsais, paleo marshmallows and sweet local majool dates to creamy flat whites, eggs benny on potato bread and bun-less burgers. Organic veggies of all variety are on offer, next to an array of orchards, free range eggs, raw milk, honey, milk kefir and kombucha. My senses were on overload.

Admittedly, in denial of winter approaching I had worn the incorrect shoes, my kids got a bit (a lot) muddy, and my toddler drank his ‘Bean There’ babychino too quickly so lost the plot in his realization he wasn’t getting any more, but otherwise it was a splendid morning outing.

What inspired me more is that people really do think like us and they are living like those choosing different ways of doing things and encouraging others to do the same. I LOVE that raw milk is available, that fermented drinks are celebrated (and normal) and soil covered veggies are desired, if not praised.

*The OZCF Market Day recently received the South African Heritage Award in the 2014 Eat Out Zonneblom Produce Awards.

Check out the Oranjezicht City Farmers Market every Saturday morning at Granger Bay from 9am Р2pm. For more info, visit the webiste here. 


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