Homemade Fruit (Ice Cream-ish) Dip

Since the fudge post was such a hit (almost toooo much of a hit for a greeny blog like this one), obviously you’re all a little sugar crazy and so I thought I’d turn up the heat (or cool) and bring forth an even more decadent recipe… Homemade Fruit (Ice Cream-ish) Dip.

I’ve been waiting for Paleo with Me August to end (and wowzers, I had to wait a while) before throwing myself into the pit of suggary coma-ness, but I simply HAD to try this recipe (in small spoonfuls).

The idea of a fruit dip was a new one to me, but when a friend introduced me to it overseas I was SOLD. Picture the sweet, styling, trendy older sister version of crudite’s with a ranch type dip.

TRUTH BE TOLD this started out as a trial ice cream recipe I heard on the radio (which promised to be the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted) and while it was knock-it-out-the-park delicious, it didn’t really turn into ice cream as such. It was thick, and VERY rich, so I turned it into a fruit dip – and voia al! Amaze.


1 x 250ml double thick cream

1 x tin full cream condensed milk

150g custard (this can be homemade or store bought)

Optional: 2 (or 3) grated crunchies


Beat the double thick cream (barely, it’s so thick already! It will thicken FAST so watch it carefully), and then add the condensed milk and the custard. If you’re wanting some decadence then go ahead and chuck in the grated crunchie bars and freeze. Pop it in the freezer so it thickens.

ice cream body

Heyyyooooo! To the stranger on Cape Talk who called in with this recipe – I owe you my utmost thanks. Let’s be friends so I can dig into your recipe books for more delicious secrets…

Picture credit: www.chelseasmessyapron.com

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