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Green ‘GET ME BACK TO HEALTH’ Kale Smoothie

I’m stiiiiiill sick. Argh man, it’s been too long and I’m just not on top of it. So, after devouring half a slab of chocolate earlier in despair, I decided I needed to up my attitude and EAT my way back to health… (because who doesn’t love eating). Starting with greens.

So I dashed off to the shops and stocked up on EVERY fruit and veg known to mankind (okay, you know I’m exaggerating), but I loaded up (including a 5kg pocket of oranges) and came home ready to propel this bod back to health.

Since my kids love making smoothies/juicing, it’s a family affair. No extra energy needed (of which I currently have a limited supply).

Green ‘GET ME BACK TO HEALTH’ Kale Smoothie:

– 5 leaves of kale (de-stemmed)
– 2 apples (chopped)
– 1 small pineapple (chopped)
– 2 oranges (de-skinned. Bring on the Vit C)
– half a cucumber (peeled)
– cup of water (to get that blending going)
– half a tray of ice cubes (for the chilled effect)

Blend. Drink. Feel good.

Step 1 to health, done.