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3 Ingredient Iced Tea

Ice tea

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man, has it been hot. That’s not even a question. It’s a statement.

While staying away from the alcohol on my January Paleo eating, my options of super refreshing drinks have been limited to the following:

  • ice cold water
  • soda water and lemon
  • kombucha

But what about when your kombucha is finished and you’re patiently waiting for the next couple bottles to brew? Ping! Iced Tea. Duh.

My mom reminded me of her really simple Rooibos homemade iced tea recipe, which is less of a recipe and more of a throw-this-together drink. So we made some and it was DELICIOUS (and really easy to make and really healthy).

3 ingredient Iced Tea, made from rooibos tea, lemon wedges and mint leaves. If you really need it a touch sweeter you could add some xylitol or erythritol (and if you don’t have either then yes, you can add in a litttttle sugar if you so wish).

Pop it in the fridge, add some ice blocks and drink away.

Picture credit: www.huffingtonpost.com

Green ‘GET ME BACK TO HEALTH’ Kale Smoothie

I’m stiiiiiill sick. Argh man, it’s been too long and I’m just not on top of it. So, after devouring half a slab of chocolate earlier in despair, I decided I needed to up my attitude and EAT my way back to health… (because who doesn’t love eating). Starting with greens.

So I dashed off to the shops and stocked up on EVERY fruit and veg known to mankind (okay, you know I’m exaggerating), but I loaded up (including a 5kg pocket of oranges) and came home ready to propel this bod back to health.

Since my kids love making smoothies/juicing, it’s a family affair. No extra energy needed (of which I currently have a limited supply).

Green ‘GET ME BACK TO HEALTH’ Kale Smoothie:

– 5 leaves of kale (de-stemmed)
– 2 apples (chopped)
– 1 small pineapple (chopped)
– 2 oranges (de-skinned. Bring on the Vit C)
– half a cucumber (peeled)
– cup of water (to get that blending going)
– half a tray of ice cubes (for the chilled effect)

Blend. Drink. Feel good.

Step 1 to health, done.