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New to South Africa, NAK Aromas Haircare

Who doesn’t love a little pamper? Oh man. Any chance I get to kiss my little monsters goodbye and walk out the door guilt free on my way to some kind of spoil, I’ll take.

Yes, that’s a macaron you’re looking at…


And so I was really excited to be invited to a launch by a new hair care brand called NAK. (Can I also add that the invite arrived with edible sweetness and was printed on Growing Paper? You’ve won me over already…). I was excited to have my hair washed and blow dried (more excited for the head massage as we always are, right?), but MOST excited that more hair care companies are thinking deeper about creating a product that is safer for us and the environment.

222A3191Style Bar_2

So let me introduce you: NAK meet us South Africans, South Africans meet NAK. NAK is an all Australian haircare company passionate about creating innovative and versatile haircare products for the professional hairdressing industry, salons, stylists and people like me, you know, us run-of-the-mill type.

Inspired by their unique location and Australian lifestyle (think summer, beach, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef island holiday vibes), and influenced by their sun-drenched environment, surrounding oceans and majestic landscapes (which is a lot like Cape Town) NAK is launching 3 new ranges in South Africa in 2016. So for all of you thinking ‘should I move to Aussie?’… don’t worry – they’ve brought the good stuff to us.

We explored the AROMAS range which has 4 sub-ranges within it – blonde, curl, smooth and colour depending on your hair type and what you’re trying to achieve/enhance. Can you believe it, I went with the curl – something I’ve been fighting my whole life: the curl! And it was wonderful. ‘Curl’ and ‘wonderful’ in the same sentence – yep. I’ll admit it, I said it.

222A3178Style Bar_2

And before this sounds like a total la la la (blah blah blah) about them and why I love the product… Let’s look at what really matters (to me anyways):

222A3179Style Bar_2

NAK Aromas is sulphate free – their advanced formulations feature the latest in surfactant technology: ISELUX®. This delivers a gentle cleanse, is kinder to the skin and less likely to induce skin irritations.

It contains no parabens – ‘parabens’ is that sneaky little word that one needs to keep an eye out for on ingredient lists. It’s no good.

They are environmentally conscious and use vegan-friendly formulations, and use a beautiful blend of essential oils including lavender, patchouli and geranium. The hair care is enriched with ancient Moroccan Argan Oil and Almond milk proteins.

“AROMAS LUXE BOTANICALS bestows harmony and well-being to all hair types. A thoughtfully considered, environmentally conscious, vegan-friendly haircare range, where nature and science combine perfectly to naturally protect hair and skin”.

222A3221Style Bar_3

While admittedly they are not organic, this is a fantastic range if you want to make better choices in the hair care department, but find the extremely green, eco, organic shampoos and conditioners a little much. I know some people struggle with them (I’ve struggled with a few I’ve tried), but NAK is a beautiful combo of a haircare range making wonderful strides to BE more environmentally friendly, and remove some nonsense from their ingredient list, but still gives that glossy, healthy, smooth look and feel we all love.

The shampoos and conditioners cost R320 per bottle (for 275ml), and each range comes with its own extras. From oil sprays to blond end therapy, curl creme, curl serum, ends therapy, hydra therapy and smooth straightening creme – there are so many options to choose from.

NAK is now available in selected salons and on www.retailbox.co.za. For any further queries please contact nicole@nakhair.co.za. Find them on Facebook or Instagram for news and updates.

Image credits: www.maurimoncadaphotography.com and myself.

Teething woes? Here’s my suggestion…

Teething. Gives you the shivers right? Is it not just a big, fat guessing game? I mean who really knows when their little one is teething? Sure, when your little one has BRIGHT RED cheeks, bad nappy rash, is drooling up a flood and desperately chewing on anything they can grab with their overly chubbed up hand, it’s one thing, but the very next day they can be happy-as, with no ‘typical’ signs of teething. So what do you?

I distinctly remember (when I presumed my infant was teething) not wanting to use an amber necklace – for no founded or credible reason other than I freaked out at the thought of something around my little ones neck (entirely a personal opinion). And so I got those water filled gummy chewy things which you keep in the fridge, and then I froze wet facecloths for him to chew on and then I would go the shop to find a homeopathic or medicinal answer. And then I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to buy it. Because, I mean, is he really teething? And should I spend THAT amount of money on something I don’t even know really works? I don’t want to give him anything if he’s not actually teething.

And so then at the next ‘sign of teething’ I’d freeze carrots and give that to him to chew on, or rub his gums really hard and and and, and it.was.exhausting.

Yes, maybe I was overthinking it (who doesn’t as a new mom) but having recently had this new and profound entry into the world of all-things-natural, I reeeeeeally didn’t want to give my kid anything if a) he wasn’t actually teething (just growing and wriggling and fussing and being a preeeeetty normal 6 month old) and b) it was not going to work, and c) it was full of medicinal *stuff*. I’m a bit like that. If I have a niggling headache I prefer to leave it until it goes away, before I pop the pills.

You know where I’m headed right? An answer to all of your teething problems? Really? Surely it’s not that easy? Well, I do have an answer and yes, I used this product on my second child after we returned to SA (lucky thing – who says middle children get the raw deal?) and I already have a tube stocked up for my (currently unpacked) baby bag.

Ta daaaaa: Pure Beginnings’ Soothing Teething Gel with Organic Liquorice and Marshmallow.

PB Teething Gel

“The product is a result of in-depth research into the natural ingredients available, which are highly effective in relieving the symptoms associated with teething pain. The non-medicated formula’s key active ingredients include Organic Liquorice root extract and Organic Marshmallow extract. Both of these ingredients demonstrate strong natural anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reducing swelling, inflammation and the corresponding pain associated with inflamed gums. Organic Liquorice also acts as a mucoprotective agent i.e. it creates a soothing film over the gum, relieving pain and inflammation of the effected area. The product also contains Chamomile, a natural anti-inflammatory which has been used for centuries, to naturally reduce swelling and to soothe and calm the inflamed gums. Xylitol is included for its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria that leads to tooth decay. This cocktail of potent offerings from nature, effectively relieve pain and other symptoms associated with teething, while ensuring your baby is not exposed to any harsh chemicals or other ingredients that have shown to be harmful to both short term, and long term health”. 

You can find the comprehensive list of ingredients here. It retails for R47.50 (which I genuinely think is a really good price, considering that the flat white and croissant at Vida just cost you R51).

Organic Liquorice Root Extract – temporarily soothes and relieves pain and discomfort.

bowl of maca powder

Organic Marshmallow Extract – naturally reduces the pain and discomfort associated with teething.

Xylitol on birch background

Xylitol: Endorsed by many dental associations worldwide for its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

So here’s how you can be guilt and anxious-free around teething, be it genuine teething or not. Grab yourself a tube of Pure Beginnings’ Teething Gel and use it confidently – knowing it works, it’s safe, and it’s one less thing to think about.